Google for Startups Black Founders Fund 2023(Receive cash awards of up to $150,000 and others)

Black founders in Africa with technology-based products or services in the early or growth phase can now apply for the Google for Startups Black Founders Fund 2023, which provides access to capital and resources necessary to scale and drive positive impact in their communities.

Google for Startups: Black Founders Fund in Africa

If we want technology to work for everyone, it needs to be built by everyone. Black founders disproportionately lack access to the networks and capital needed to grow their businesses. In 2020, with less than 0.5 percent of venture capital (VC) funding going to Black-led startups, Google announced the Black Founders Fund.

Applications for the latest Founders Fund in Africa are now open until the 26th March (23:59 GMT) find out more and apply below. Founders will receive up to $150k in an equity free cash award, up to a further $200k in Cloud Credits and access to the best of Google – people, product and best practices.

Program Overview

The Google for Startups Black Founders Fund is an initiative to provide financial resources to early-stage, Black-founded startups across Africa. In addition to the cash awards and credits, successful founders will be connected with the best of Google’s products, practices and people. Learn more here

Who Should Apply

If your product is in market and you’re ready to fundraise we want to hear from you. The Black Founders Fund is intended for startups led by founders who self-identify as Black. Check out our Application Success and FAQ Guide.

Program Highlights

1) Non-dilutive (equity free) cash awards of up to $150,000 per startup

2) Up to $200k in Cloud Credits

3) Access to a network of mentors to help tackle each startup’s unique challenges

Applications to the fund are open until 23:59 GMT on Sunday 26th March 2023.

Learn more about the eligibility criteria and how to apply here . Applications are open now and will close on March 26.